The absence of God and other songs

12:47 pm London is more awake than I am. Coffee mug in my hand and a bunch of things to do.

Before anything else... let's recover Rilo Kiley from falling into oblivion. A good friend of mine showed me her music ages ago and after "The abscense of God" these songs "Silver lining" and "Close call" are more mature and the lyrics have improved a lot.
Because I've always had a soft spot for female singer-songwriters.
So I will tell you, as the story goes, that I never felt so wicked as when I willed our love to die.

I wish I could say that now I'm gold.

Silver Lining

Close Call

The Absence of God



Somewhere over the rainbow is a beautiful classic song performed by Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz. Performed for the first colour movie and covered by many artists like Jimmy Hendrix, Aretha Franklin, David Bowie, Elvis, Sinatra, Clapton, Richard Clayderman (Dad's fav one) Pink Floyd or Russian Red (my last discovery)

Watching the wizard of Oz with the girls a few nights ago, smoking, drinking, talking about life... I was wondering if is true what they say about it's the calm after the storm. Wondering if I will ever see the rainbow beneath the clouds. Never knew before where exactly was the yellow brick road and why am I suppose to follow it. Specially when we discovered with disappoinment that the Wizard of Oz was a fraud; leaving us a confuse memory of our childhood.

The next morning I took this picture from my window and I couldn't tell if it was the destiny or just fucking irony.


My empire of dirt

"I do not want my taxes to pay for the new world odor"
Me neither. I can feel it. Stinks. Like a bunch of big smelly balloons full of contaminated gas. NIN said it right: "My empire of dirt"
Dead corpses in my kitchen exuding that smell. When will it stop?
Still wondering if its me or its the world who's fucking bonkers.